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      Popular casino sites offer innumerable options that make it more challenging for a beginner to understand where to start or how to play.

      DRG999 will discuss some simple strategies to get started quickly and improve your skills as a casino player.

      1. Determine What Type of Gambler You Want to Be

      Typically, there are two types of online casino players – specialists and generalists. Specialists gamblers are the ones who play one particular game all the time; generalists tend to play different games. In the latter case, you have an increased probability of winning, as well as you can diversify your risk of losing money across different games. As such, it may be a good choice to begin as a generalist. But the path is challenging. You’d need to understand various games, which is time-consuming and cumbersome.

      On the other hand, you can choose to be a specialist and master a particular casino game by spending more time understanding it and increasing your skillfulness. This can help improve your odds while saving more time to master multiple games.

      2. Begin with Free Games

      A simple tactic for beginners is to start with playing free games. Many online casinos provide the option to play a few games for free, without staking real money. This is beneficial because you can learn the game thoroughly and improve your skills before you are confident enough to bet in real-time.

      So, look for a site that offers popular casino games to play for free. If not 100% free, you can manage to find one that offers lower betting lines, i.e., you can even bet with a few pennies.

      3. Casino Gambling is 100% Math

      While you may not love math that much, if you want to be successful in casino gambling, you need to combine your instinct with math to strike profitable bets. To begin with, you need to understand what the house edge and return to player percentage mean. Then you can find how to use these numbers when placing a bet.

      Every casino game has a house edge and a return to player percentage, both of which are related. The house edge is a certain percentage of the total money you bet that the casino keeps. On the other hand, the return to player percentage is the amount of money you bet that is returned to you. Adding these two numbers equals 100%. So, if you have one number, it is easier to determine the other.

      It becomes easier for you to compare casino games based on the house edge or return to player percentages. Ideally, a casino game with a lower house edge and a higher RTP percentage is better.

      4. Learn to Predict Losses

      An important step that beginners should master is to predict losses, i.e., how much you are likely to lose when playing a casino game. To determine this, you will need either the house edge or RTP percentages, the number of bets you want to make, and the average size of each bet.

      The house edge percentage is the number you get when you subtract the return to player percentage from 100. That means, if the game’s RTP is 99%, then its house edge is 1%. To calculate the expected loss amount, there is a simple formula:

      Loss = House edge percentage x number of wagers x average size of each wager.

      The amount that you get is the average loss estimate and may vary depending on the number of hands or wagers you have.

      5. Aim to Win in the Long Run

      Do you know why most online gamblers fail? It is because they aim short-term. You will likely get a few small wins, but that does not make you a good casino player. Top gamblers master the art of winning in the long run. And an important tip here is to know the house edge. Unfortunately, very few games will let you get an edge, but the best way is to choose a game that offers the highest return to player percentages.


      When you have the right knowledge, backed with in-depth research, it is not difficult to become a proficient casino player. Hopefully, the above tips will help you play wisely.

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