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      Last thing I expected from the developer Tango Gameworks was a vibrant, fun-loving action game with the spirit of a cartoon I would’ve loved. The studio’s primarily known for its dark and creepy renditions in The Evil Within or Ghostwire: Tokyo however, Hi-Fi Rush is instead filled with a vibrant, youthful style that’s evident in its stunning animation, art style and characters. And while the surprising change of pace is already exciting, the most impressive thing about Tango is the way in which it performs the singular idea in Hi-Fi’s art the idea that rhythm is everything.

      From the very beginning that’s when Hi-Fi Rush affirms its love for rock and alt-rock of the present the first track, using The Black Keys’ «Lonely Boy» to introduce the hilarious but adorable character Chai and the vibrant technologically advanced world he lives in. Called as a «defect» by robotics megacorp Vandelay Industries after a surgical mistake causes him to have an iPod snared in his chest, Chai is able to feel and see the rhythm from his music running through the world surrounding him. From that point on all of the world’s activities are in tune with Hi-Fi Rush’s sound as this silly, playful teen smacks Vandelay robots with a homemade weapon in the shape the Gibson Flying V.

      This fun and playful set-up sets the tone for the entire album, and the game only gets better from there as Hi-Fi Rush brings together a phenomenal cast of allies, charismatic villains, and a flurry of explosive fights which are often wrapped in a witty satire on our current technological dystopia. It’s all done with a witty sense of humor with some genuine warmth. From a variety of angles, Hi-Fi Rush can display its unique and charming personality.

      When it is at its finest, Hi-Fi Rush’s combat creates distinct, harmonious rhythms where the music guides you through every step of the way. Chai always executes his attacks in tune regardless of the timing of your input, and if you keep to the BGM’s BPM provides you with more damages, rather than bringing about the consequences of not-in-time notes. With the same fundamentals as Devil May Cry or Bayonetta each fight in the approximately 10-12 hour duration is graded on the speed at which it is completed grace, elegance, octordle and capability to stay on track using combos. This continuous connection to music is the source of satisfaction that I don’t find when playing other stylish action games.

      This rhythmic approach leaves no ambiguity in combo timing and paces itself in a way that allows space to analyze each follow-up action. Making the decision on whether I should utilize either a heavy or light attack to play with my combo string, a parry or dodge to get ahead of hitting targets, the grappling hook to narrow the gap between targets, or summoning to let a companion attack shields or stun opponents were never overwhelming as I could easily move with the beat. It’s not a solitary pursuit of one concept or gimmick for too long either, steadily throwing in new ideas to toy with before merging them to test my skill, which meant I never felt like I was just hammering away with a simple 4/4 time signature.

      I’m confident that Hi-Fi Rush could be a popular cartoon series. It’s got top-of-the line animation with lovable heroes to cheer for, as well as villains you are able to dislike, all presented with a sense of humor. On top of that unending charm, it converts a dynamic rock soundtrack into the best weapon it can that puts a great deal of care into how it synchronizes the beat to every aspect of the game. It provides combat with a rewarding pace that other stylish action games don’t offer and even when the platforming and aiming system loses several notes along the process. Hi-Fi Rush is a memorable trip that marches to beat of its own drum . It without a doubt stands among the best action games.

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